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[Background for you if you magically got here without being linked to it - I wrote this up as part of my fandom stocking post when I asked for music recs, and then realized that it was a bit, ahem, long.]

[Oh, and yes, I have a stocking! I'll make sure to link to it when it's up :D]

The biggest selling point for me when it comes to new music is usually either poetic lyrics or powerful use of the piano (Vienna Teng is my musical spirit animal for this reason - Antebellum by her is a prime example of both the lyrics and piano mastery that I love.). Creative percussion use ala Florence + the Machine is also fabulous (Breath of Life is the first song of theirs that I heard, and I fell in love). Solo-guitar-sounding stuff is also great!! Ed Sheeran's Sunburn comes to mind <3, as does Radical Face's Welcome Home.

Electronic music-wise, I'm more into trance-y stuff like Drive by Kenneth Thomas or quirky stuff like Emika's cover of Wicked Game than the dominant EDM vibe that's hidden everything else. Out there stuff like Alt-J's Breezeblocks and basically everything by Florence + the Machine is always a great find. (especially the Ceremonials-era stuff. I'm not going to pretend like I can define her - there's so much to her music! Harps, percussions, her voice, the lyrics, UGH. And so much more that I'm neglecting to mention that creates the ethereal experience that is her music.) (I'm not very fond of Alt-J's lead singer's nasally vocals, though.)

There is a special place in my heart for deep-voiced/vaguely operatic female vocalists - Florence Welch, Fiona Apple, Nina Simone.

The music doesn't have to be in English, either! I'm Indian, and my Hindi is quite fluent, so I occasionally listen to Bollywood music that manages to avoid pop culture trappings, and also some indie rock and fusion. Pareshaan from the movie Ishaqzaade, Fuzön's Dooriyan and Daanah Pah Daanah from Coke Studio Pakistan should give you a good idea of that. I'm learning French, and love music (*ahem*), and would love artist recs for this especially!! (I've listened to and liked Zaho's Je Te Promets and Sinsemilia's Tout Le Bonheur Du Monde.)

It doesn't even have to be a language I understand, as long as the genre is beloved to me - I spent two solid weeks tripping on Siempre Me Quedara by Bebe. I don't speak a word of Spanish.

I will love you forever if you rec me rap that avoids most (if not all) -isms. The musical Hamilton (start with the title song, yes please) has made me fall in love with the genre and its potential, but all the pop stuff I can find is somehow not as inspiring. I mean, I feel Nicki Minaj's Get On Your Knees in my heart, and Feelin' Myself is my sexual side's spirit animal, but it doesn't blow my mind creatively, you know?

This brings me to the conclusion of this long winded ramble on music I love. I hope it helped! And even if it didn't, I hope you had fun!

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