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all my stumbling phrases never amounted to anything worth this feeling...

Blame the free time. Not me.

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Birthdate:Sep 23
Hey there, stranger!

I'm Sapphire2309, here as well as over at Dreamwidth and AO3. Please don't blame me for my name, it's something I coined when I was 10 and haven't been able to get rid of since.

In case you haven't been able to tell yet, I'm pretty much addicted to White Collar, writing, and writing White Collar fanfiction. It's my favourite indulgence.

Scandal is another of my favourites. I love Olivia Pope, she's absolutely spectacular.

I watch and write for Agents of Shield as well.

I love forks, hate spoons and don't have much use for knives (except in fanfic). I own pink headphones. I cannot stand dubstep.

Also, I'm a girl. Just in case you were wondering.
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