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Yep, I'm alive.

Title: Watching The Waves Crashing
Characters (Pairings) Kate Moreau, Alex Hunter (background Kate/Neal).
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 523
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Anyone can kinda sorta be friends, given enough alcohol. Fun and games don't hurt either.
Author's Note: This is just random floof. There's no plot here. Title's from Skies On Fire by The Green Children.
Apparently, according to my brain, Kate and Alex can only be friends when they're drunk off their asses. Okay then.
Also, I'm pretending that arcades are the same all over the world, because who has time for research, this is a kinda sorta last minute thing... don't tell anyone.
This is for [livejournal.com profile] sheenianni, for the [livejournal.com profile] wc_women_fest Holiday Exchange. I hope you like it!
Also, since it's well past midnight here, happy new year!! (Which also means this fic is late. ...it's our secret, okay? Shhhhh.)

fic! )
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Title: Tomorrow Is A Different Day
Characters (Pairings): Kate Moreau, Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Alexandra Hunter, Vincent Adler, Garrett Fowler (Kate/Neal)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4990
Spoilers: For Kate's storyline through seasons 1 and 2
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Kate's spent her whole life investing in her tomorrow.
Author's Note: This is for [livejournal.com profile] runthecon, for the prompt 'tomorrow is another day' from [livejournal.com profile] aragarna.
Title's from Avril Lavigne's Tomorrow. There are lyrics from Halsey's album BADLANDS all over the story. They serve as sort of introductions to the various little disconnected pieces. So this isn't exactly a songfic, buuut it kinda is.
Many, many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] reve_silencieux for the speedy proofread and the cheerleading!
I should mention that this is a slightly old idea, and it had around 300-400 words written in advance, but this thing be looong (LOOK AT THAT WORDCOUNT, GUYS), so I don't think it makes that much of an impact? I mean, I knew the direction the story was headed in, but I had very few actual words written in advance, so. I hope that's okay?

As seems to perpetually be the case with me, this story isn't complete. Yes, you read that right. Almost 5k words and this monster wants more. Piece of shit.
Slightly spoilery content note-like thing (spoils a character arc): I know the first sentence is what it is, but Kate isn't vilified in this story. She loves Neal. She means well. She's allowed to be angry, and think freely, and do things that may hurt Neal without her realizing it. Peter, who is the antagonist of her story, is on the receiving end of much of her anger, but that doesn't make either of the two characters evil. They're just different people who happen to have made terrible first impressions on each other. Not every human on the planet has to get along like a house on fire. And finally, I'm sorry if Peter seems out of character to you, but I stand by his characterization in this fic.
I kinda sorta borrowed the "ornamental, not functional" idea from this really painful insult delivered by the President to the First Lady on Scandal. I wouldn't have mentioned it, but I couldn't find any alternate wording, so. :P
This is a bit of a bricolage, but I enjoyed writing it, so. :D

Also, it's 2 am, I haven't given this fic my usual final once-over because I'd like to sleep, please forgive mistakes and clumsy phrasing and such. ETA - Edited!

She loves him less than he loves her. )
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Title: Lover To Lover
Characters (Pairings): Alex Hunter
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 235
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: France is the best lover she's found in a while.
Author's Note: For Day 2 of The Merry Month of Masturbation. Title's from the song of the same name by Florence + the Machine.

She's been making sweet love to France all summer long. )
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For the Lightning Round at [livejournal.com profile] writerverse

Total Word Count: 686

Title: the one who's always and never alone
Characters (Pairings): Neal Caffrey
the one who's always and never alone )

Title: paint splattered teardrops on my shirt
Characters (Pairings): Sara Ellis (Sara/Neal)
paint splattered teardrops on my shirt )

Title: paint a picture in my mind
Characters (Pairings): Kate Moreau (Kate/Neal)
paint a picture in my mind )

Title: i was lost before she started
Characters (Pairings): Alex Hunter
we were lost before she started )

Title: stand still so i can see your silhouette
Characters (Pairings): Neal Caffrey, Sara Ellis (Neal/Sara)
stand still so i can see your silhouette )

The previous story continued. Same header, except 181 words. I don't quite like this, but I'm too tired to fix it.
i'm not done looking yet )
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Title: Moments
All Characters (All Pairings): Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Elizabeth Burke, Sara Ellis, Diana Berrigan, Clinton Jones, Rachel Turner, Alex Hunter (Peter/Elizabeth, Neal/Sara).
Rating: Depending on the drabble/ficlet, between G and PG.
Total Word Count: 1069
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Six canon moments, plus reaction gifs.
Author’s Note: For Challenge #4 (Gif Reactions) at [livejournal.com profile] womenverse - they provide the reaction, we provide the trigger. See individual headers for spoilers and characters.

Characters (Pairings): Peter Burke, Elizabeth Burke (Peter/Elizabeth)
Word Count: 112
Set In: S04E14 - Shoot The Moon. Promo spoilers.

They were supposed to be on a nice, quiet vacation. )

Characters (Pairings): Neal Caffrey, Alex Hunter
Word Count: 131
Set In: S02E09 - Point Blank. Spoilers.

The music box was Alex’s quarry, her white whale, her treasure, her final score. )

Characters (Pairings): Kate Moreau, Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke
Word Count: 137
Set In: S01E14 - Out Of The Box. Spoilers. Canon character death.

Kate puts the phone down and turns to the tiny window. )

Characters (Pairings): Neal Caffrey, Sara Ellis (Neal/Sara)
Word Count: 358
Set In: S04E16 - In The Wind. Spoilers.

The view from the 103rd floor of the Empire State was breathtaking. )

Characters (Pairings): Neal Caffrey, Rachel Turner.
Word Count: 337
Set In: S05E13 - Diamond Exchange. Spoilers.

She should have been fighting harder. )

Characters (Pairings): Diana Berrigan, Clinton Jones.
Word Count: 131
Set In: S05E12 - Taking Stock.

The first thing Diana noticed when she walked into the office was stationery on her desk. Or rather, a lack thereof. )

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