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I know I've been babbling a lot here about my own life and not enough about White Collar (even though I've been thinking of White Collar, quite a lot), but here's one more post (hopefully one of the last) before we finally go back to our (ir)regularly scheduled programme.

1. Write more. Much more.
1a. To this end, ironically enough, I've reduced my GYWO pledge from 150k to 75k in the hopes that I'll actually meet it for once.
1b. Revise writing before throwing it out there. I've started so many series of fics that I've abandoned because of one hurriedly written fic that put me off on the reread. (If I do go back to any of those series, rest assured that the fics will stay up. They just won't be part of that series's canon (fanon?) anymore.)

2. Read more. If I want to write well, this is a must. Especially books that far surpass my literary capabilities, books I can learn from. (I'm happy to take recommendations!)

3. Finish assigned work early. I've exhausted myself in the past two years gaming deadlines at the very last minutes. I'm sick of it, my stress levels are sick of it, and my mental health does not appreciate the additional burden. My brain by design finds it hard to store happy memories and see the bright side of things. I don't need to make its job any harder.

4. Open up to the people who are trying to help. I have a long-established reputation of clamming up and shoving things down till they explode out of me. I need to talk about them before they become an issue.
4a. Part of this is figuring out what they are in the first place, which means unravelling some entrenched coping mechanisms. This is going to be some hard work. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be done.

5. Be kind to myself. I deserve it.
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